About Us



Chirag Jewellers, founded in 1972 with an operational philosophy to serve a customer with honesty and sincerity, has developed today as the city’s foremost authority on the subject of selecting and purchasing diamond jewellery. Continuous innovation as well as a progressive and an enthusiastic spirit has helped us to achieve outstanding standards of professionalism along with a special emphasis on prioritising customer needs over anything else. With our collections placed into distinct categories namely bridal, classic, trendy and solitaire we aim to seek the highest levels of consumer satisfaction. In a competitive business environment , the dynamic needs of our highly valued customers makes us strive to achieve the highest levels of perfection in the minutest of our business activities. In the years to come, we aspire to serve our customers in the best possible way. We actively look forward to constructive criticism and use this as a foundation for improvisation. We firmly believe that it is trust and goodwill that optimises a business relationship and we use this as our motto in all our transactions and dealings with our customers. 
Placing paramount importance to  after-sales services and upholding our stringent quality standards, Chirag Jewellers has emerged as a leading and a reputed jeweller across the city of Kolkata.